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The Openscientometer

A serious game about Open Science topics, practices and challenges

Published onNov 13, 2022
The Openscientometer

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The Openscientometer

Target audience and contents

The game is designed as an introduction to Open Science themes, practices, and challenges and is most suitable for early-career researchers and PhD students.

Its contents briefly go over issues such as:

  • open access (Gold and Green OA)

  • open access, APC prices, and bibliodiversity

  • OA books and OA books publishing

  • open data and research data repositories

  • FAIR principles

  • open education

  • open peer review

Gameplay and moderation

The game can be played individually or in a collaborative fashion (see further instructions and rules in the game above).

Should you wish to play the game in a colloborative mode with your library, department, lab or other community, a moderator with a good knowledge of the issues at stake is needed to run the workshop or game session.

The moderator’s role is to:

  • offer the group the possibility to check out clues or contextual help for every challenge;

  • execute the decisions of the group as to what answers should be clicked on and what clues or contextual help should be consulted;

  • operate as a trainer and provide additional information to participants regarding particular issues should the contents of the contextual help and information within the game be insufficient or raise further questions;

  • keep track of the score (see scoring sheet embedded in the game) should the group wish to spice things up a little bit

It is recommended that the moderator plays the game individually first to better grasp the logic and contents of the game before running a workshop for a group.

Duration and number of participants (collaborative mode)

A typical game workshop works best with a group of 10-12 people and lasts about 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the prior knowledge of the audience.

It is recommended that the moderator sets a time limit for every challenge to keep a smooth development of the game and not linger too much one particular aspect or issue (unless the audience wishes it, of course).

Reuse and Remix

The game template can be reused and remixed on Genially, provived attribution is given (CC-BY).

You can use the genially template to create a version of the game that better fits your purposes.

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